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get help

Step 1: Basic Information

Apply in person, over the phone at 252-222-0019, or online on this page.  Once we have your basic information, it will be passed onto the Director and you can set an appointment to start the next part of the application.

Step 2: Personal Interview

A personal interview with our director pinpoints your needs and what help we can provide. Bring any documents (driver’s license, citizenship papers, eviction notice, etc.) you need and have relevant phone numbers on hand.

Step 3: Drug & Alcohol Screening

This drug and alcohol screening will be performed before joining the Family Promise program. You must agree to remain drug and alcohol free during your stay for the safety and security of all those we serve.

Step 4: Background Check

You will be asked to disclose any and all offenses. A criminal background check will be performed. Certain types of offenses or recent convictions may affect your eligibility to enter Family Promise of Carteret County, especially if you fail to mention them during the interview process.

In Addition:

We will ask you if you have certain documents. If you don’t have these items, you can still enter Family Promise of Carteret County and then we can help you obtain these documents. Documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, photo id’s, and social security cards.

Family Promise of Carteret County offers a range of service to meet each family’s needs. We partner with diverse churches and other agencies to help us serve families, but we are not a religious program and have no religious requirements or point of view.