Success Stories



One of our guests have recently wrote a beautiful poem as a thank you for what Family Promise has done for her.

Just one I standed alone.
Not sure where to start.
Just living out of a car,
without a part.
You just open your door with open arms,
I wasn’t sure.
God said in a whisper,
“Go and feel the love and be part”.
I cry and complained,
no pass judgement.
And now I’m starting to be the woman
I should be with new friends and family.
I work and day by day.
I know Lord Jesus is standing by me.
I know I have a great family,
A Family Promise.

I am a 32 year old and made mistakes at an early age due to having a dysfunctional addicted family. I became a felon at 22 by making a bad choice and had a fast track lifestyle. Then I became pregnant. Went to drug rehabilitation program while 5 months pregnant, only to come home to new addictions in my family. I am now two years clean and sober and realized I needed to provide a better life for my child. My son made me realize I had to change! I never understood how hard it would be, with felony charges jobs were hard to find. With no other options, I took myself to St. James and was referred to Family Promise. I became blessed to know life could be different through the people I met in the churches. I learned these people did not judge me and there are more options available to me through them. Two months later, I am enrolled in CCC, have a home, my son in daycare, and have good leads on jobs. 2012


Michelle, Justin & Jasa

Ms.Joan, I want to Thank You so much for the help you gave my children and myself when we lived in NC I have move to Ga remarried have a job and like you said God is good !!! Hope all is well with u and ur family !! I chat w Connie from time to time !! Again Thank You Michelle, Justin and Jasa


Tula Satterfield

Having spent last night at the church with the family promise homeless guests, I am filled with gratitude. The old poem comes to mind, “Lord, forgive me when I whine, I am blessed, the world is mine.” I have a home. My children are not being fed with a feeding tube. I have not been homeless for the better part of 13 years. I haven’t experienced my children being taken away from me and placed up for adoption. I have a family who cares for me. I have the knowledge to make good decisions…..most of the time. If you have a chance to volunteer for Family Promise, I encourage you to seize the opportunity. You will be happy you did. This is an awesome outreach mission where there’s an opportunity for everyone. We always need more people to step up to the plate. Please consider participating. Tula Satterfield , Morehead City First Presbyterian Church