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Overnight Lodging & Meals

In the FPC program, a Host congregation furnishes clean, safe, overnight lodging and nutritious meals for three to five families (up to fourteen guests) for one week, once every three months. During Host week, other supportive congregations may provide additional volunteers to support the Host group – making healthy breakfasts and suppers, playing with children or helping them study and talking with parents after a long day.About four times a year – for one week at a time – Host congregations provide overnight lodging, meals, (supper, breakfast, and a brown bag lunch), and hospitality.

13 Host Churches and Support churches come together to provide this on a rotating basis.



Carteret Community Foundation gave us a grant to purchase a mini-van to assist transporting persons to appointments or assist churches without a van. The churches also have access to a trailer which carries bedding and luggage to the next host location.


Day Center

Day Center used by guests 7am-5pm includes a kitchen, playrooms, lounge, washer/dryer,  and work station in order to offer a home like environment. Computers are available to job search, look for housing and do job applications. Classes taught include: budgeting, nutrition, parenting, car maintenance, sanitation & daily living. It is a place to acquire the skills needed to be a responsible citizen, living independent of community handouts.


Social Service Agencies

Local social service agencies screen potential guests and refer the families to Family Promise of Carteret County  (FPC). The agencies may also help guests find housing, jobs, and government entitlements. FPC screens persons for drugs, legal issues, sexual offenders, criminal backgrounds, and works with mental health agencies for behavioral issues and psychiatric problems.


Step Up Step Out Program

This is a peer program of graduates from the FPC program. This group meets at Carteret Community College and provides resources and support ideas to help guests who are just starting over again.