What We Do

What we do Family Promise

Our Mission

The mission of Family Promise of Carteret County (FPCC) is to coordinate Christian hospitality services to homeless parent(s) with a child or children, and pregnant women.

How This Mission Is Accomplished

Thirteen host congregations aided by support churches, unite hearts and hands to provide lodging, meals, and compassionate assistance for homeless families. FPC’s operational day center provides residents with access to phones, the internet, and a network of social service agencies, which are vital tools to FPC’s intensive case management services. The religious community’s assistance coupled with the day program allows Family Promise of Carteret in a period of about 60 days, to do what families have been unable to do for themselves. Working together, families are equipped with the necessary skills for a better future.

Founded on the belief that area residents are compassionate people who want to make a difference. Family Promise Carteret serves:

* Parents with child or children

* Pregnant women

We screen for drug abuse, sexual offenders, mental health issues & current legal matters. We do not take people with any type of schizophrenic diagnosis. You must be a resident of Carteret County. Please see our Eligibility Criteria for further details.