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Family Promise Week

October 18th thru 25th 2015

• Family Promise was founded in Summit, NJ, in 1988 on the belief that people are compassionate and want to make a difference. Family Promise has grown into a national non-profit organization mobilizing communities and existing resources to help homeless families regain their independence.

• The issue of family homelessness has never been more critical. Last year, there were 3.5 million homeless people in the United States. Sixty-four percent of U.S. cities turned away homeless families with children because there was a lack of bed space.

• Homeless families now comprise nearly 40% of the homeless population.

• One out of every 45 American children will experience homelessness this year.

• Family Promise is growing. Established in 1988, we currently operate 192 Affiliates across 42 states.

• Family Promise mobilizes more than 160,000 volunteers and 6,000 congregations across the country.

• Family Promise provided shelter and social services to more than 50,000 people last year . . . nearly 60% of them children.

• Our Affiliates nationwide have developed more than 900 Community Initiatives to empower families and help them achieve lasting independence, from parenting classes and after-school tutoring to financial literacy and workforce development programs.

• Family Promise is cost-effective. Because we utilize existing resources, we are able to deliver $3 in goods and services for every $1 we receive.

• Family Promise works. On average, 75% of our guests secure housing within nine weeks, helping them to achieve sustainable independence.

• Family Promise is the leading volunteer-driven nonprofit providing services to homeless families.