June 2015

Dear Reader,

Say this line to yourself and fill in the space with how you can be a part of Family Promise

“I am a person of fatih and I am ____, therefore I am responsible for ____.

Family Promise is a group of volunteers who are rebuilding our culture from the inside out. What will your part be?

Family Promise Board of Trustees

Day Center OPEN HOUSE June 24th 11am-7pm

Family Promise of Carteret County is a coalition of churches working together to help homeless families get back on their feet.  This open house is offered to expand the knowledge of those already involved and provide new knowledge for those who are just learning about how we help homeless families find employment, housing, and restored dignity.   Ask about volunteering and our mentoring program that helps families transition to new homes.

Something To Ponder

Did you know that in the United States today, one child out of five lives in poverty? Families with children make up 40% of the people in this country who experience homelessness.  Poverty is a complex problem that requires an approach that reaches beyond meeting immediate needs it’s about changing generations of poor chooses and unfortunate circumstances.

It is the mission of Family Promise to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response, and to coordinated local efforts that bring communities together to help homeless families regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity. There is one thing I think we can all agree on, Americans are a compassionate people.  Enormous numbers of people would help their neighbors in need if they knew how to help.  Family Promise brings people in need together with people who want to help. Family Promise provides the framework that turns compassion into action.

The issue can seem overwhelming and individuals may feel powerless to change the lives of the homeless or people in poverty. As Family Promise volunteers, more than 160,000 people have found a way.

Working together, we can and do provide temporary housing, meals, and services to more than 50,000 family members annually. We mentor at-risk families. We teach financial literacy. We help find jobs, and affordable housing. We create programs to meet specific needs in our communities. And we advocate for public policies that alleviate poverty and promote the economic stability of low-income families.

The only way we can do all of this by partnering with our neighbors, communities of faith, local businesses, donors, and our thousands of volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer or a mentor to one of our guests, call us, we’ll help you help someone else, you will never regret that call. (252) 222-0019